Saturday, October 30, 2010

Homemade Halloween

Harry and Daddy were hard at work this week in the garage. We heard the crinkling of foil furnace tape and infectious giggles as the two of them constructed Harry's Halloween costume. Our garage was transformed into the laboratory of a mad scientist...scratch that...mad engineer and his eager miniature assistant. Together they reconfigured a couple diaper boxes, some tubing from the dryer vents, light switch covers, and pipe cleaners into a robot costume which Harry wore to the Halloween parade in town today. My eager little robot loved waving at the crowd in his homemade creation. And, he caught the eye of quite a few other kids and parents, happily smiling at their compliments on his costume.

Not to be outdone, my littlest one donned a homemade costume inspired by Not the Kitchen Sink on Etsy. A white onesie, orange washcloth and fish bath toy, tied up with a large black ribbon made for Luke's sushi costume. Oh my happy little salmon maki!

Both of them will venture out tomorrow night for our first trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. Happy Halloween!

Video from today's parade can be found at All Things Media.

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