Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ga-ga Goo-Google

I've immersed myself in Google the past few days. Thinking about how I might better use social media and web resources to market my new Etsy shop, I've spent time learning about Google's AdWords, setting up two regional ad campaigns to see if the traffic to my shop increases. What I've learned? It's all about the keywords! For others interested in learning more about how to use Google's AdWords to drive more traffic to their site, check out this introduction.

Interested in learning more? Check out the Google Business YouTube site.

And, if you look to the right of this post, you'll notice a few other changes. Not long ago Google acquired FeedBurner, a web service that helps bloggers publicize and keep track of their blog's RSS feeds for those readers interested in subscribing to posts through a reader (I love my Google Reader) or through email. Here's a basic tutorial, for those interested in learning more.

Wait? What's a reader? Check it out:

As I learn more about what works (and what doesn't), I'll be sure to share. And I'd love to hear from other Etsy sellers about what social media tools have worked for you.

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