Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tech Tuesday #2: Wait! Where Was That Again?

This week's installment of Tech Tuesday is all about organization. How can you simplify your life online, making it easy to find and share the websites and information that you access most? Check out the sites below. They may help you simplify and organize your life online.

Where would I be without Delicious? Likely still saving all my bookmarks to my computer's browser and cursing when I couldn't find a particular web page when I switched computers. Saving your favorite sites online makes it much easier to find them later no matter what computer or browser you use. Delicious uses tags to help you organize and keep track of all your favorites.

Take it to the cloud! Rather than saving all your files to your computer's hard drive and not having access to them when you switch computers or carting around an external hard drive or multiple USB flash drives (I always lose the caps to those things), try saving your files online. Like saving your bookmarks online, saving your documents, spreadsheets, images, photos, and videos to a secure site like Box.net enables you to access them anywhere you have internet connection. This free storage site not only allows you to keep files private, but you also have the option of sharing files or folders with other users.

Google Docs
Like Box.net, Google Docs is a wonderful way to store your files online, but there is oh-so-much more that you can do with Google Docs. Collaborate with others on word processing documents or spreadsheets. Create surveys to embed on your blog or website. Create a mailing list that your clients add their own information to when ever and where ever they wish. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

Symbaloo is just cool. I have tons of bookmarked websites and even more blogs daily packing my reader with new posts. And then there's Twitter and Etsy and email and... How nice would it be to keep track of all my regularly checked sites in one place. Symbaloo helps you do just that. Sign up for free, and create your customized Symbaloo page. "It is our dream to make Symbaloo the easiest starting point on the Internet. It’s that simple; you could have thought of it yourself! Symbaloo is an ancient Greek verb meaning ‘gathering’ ‘assembling’." Check it out!

Just released this past week, RockMelt is a new browser that makes keeping track of your favorite sites and sharing your finds with your social networks much easier. Take a quick look and sign up for a free download.

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