Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Pretty Practical Gift

I love giving handmade gifts. I wrote a bit about this last November, about a tradition that started with my parents crafting our big Christmas gift each year. Hand stitched dolls with homemade gingham dresses, the toy box my dad built and mom painted, the clothes my mom would sew for my sister and me. There's just something about giving a handmade gift. It's a gift that comes with a story.

So when a nephew recently announced that he was engaged, I knew I would need to craft up something good for the bridal shower! About a month ago, I created an organic diaper wreath for my Etsy shop. In a recent post, I mentioned that I would love an opportunity to customize such a gift for a housewarming or wedding gift. Well, looks like I've got my chance!

Take a peak. Using the bride and groom's kitchen colors of black and red, I created this wreath using dish towels and washcloths. No glue was used in the process of putting the wreath together, only ribbon and rubber bands, which means the whole thing can be easily disassembled and used! So, if it doesn't fit with their decor, it's still quite practical!

Unfortunately, these don't quite fit with the theme of my online shop, but I would be happy to create a custom listing for anyone that might be interested in having me craft a customized housewarming or engagement gift like this. Just shoot me an email with your request!

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  1. What a cute idea and such a fun way to give a bridal shower gift!

  2. I really LOVE this and it would also be grease a new home gift!

  3. I really like this! I make towel cakes and diaper cakes and am trying my hand at diaper wreaths. This is simply an adorable gift idea.


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