Friday, July 1, 2011

Fabulous Finds Friday: Screen Printing, Stamping, and Fabric Design

I'm addicted to screen printing. Since finding Lynn Krawczyk's Fibra Artysta shop on Etsy, I have not seen the top of my dining room table. It is covered with a black trash bag and has been turned into my screen printing studio. It is just so easy and fun! And when I'm not screening, I'm on the computer dreaming up new screens to send her (or reading her blog and watching her video tutorials).

Lynn uses a thermofax machine to create her screens. This is a bit different from more industrial screen printing methods because it doesn't use harsh emulsion chemicals. Which is perfect for those of us concerned about the environment. In fact, thermofax printing doesn't use any chemicals. So I can feel good about printing on organic cotton onesies because I know everything -from the creation of the garment, the creation of the screen, and even the screen printing process where I use water-based inks- is a better choice for both the environment and the baby who will be wearing my creations.

And having learned more about screen printing recently...okay, having become obsessed with screen printing recently, I've also been curious about other ways to paint and print on fabric. So here is a round-up of some of my finds. There are some great tutorials and craft projects here, so be sure to click on the image below to learn more.

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So what were your fab finds this week?

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  1. i really would love to do some block printing and learn how to screen print on my recycled goodies... i just cant seem to find the time to add in another craft-time passion. have you heard anything good/bad about the yudu?


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