Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tell Me More Tuesday: The Fyber Stud

The Fyber StudRohn's work as The Fyber Stud (love that name!) is not only fashionably fun, it is also transformative. How? With every item purchased from The Fyber Stud, Rohn donates a Snuggle to The Suggles Project. The Snuggles Project is known for their transformative work with animals. After being given a Snuggle, a frightened or difficult to handle animal can potentially be reassured, be calmed, transformed. This calming effect gives the animal and the caregiver time to learn how to handle the situation. It is a cause near and dear to Rohn's heart.

Learn more about Rohn's creative process in today's weekly series - Tell Me More Tuesdays - in which I introduce readers to some of my favorite Etsy artists and crafters. Those of you new to Etsy (and even those who have racked up days surfing through handcrafted goodies and vintage finds) can find the site overwhelming. With so many wonderful shops and unique, handcrafted goods, it is easy to lose track of time clicking away. So Tell Me More Tuesday is a way to get to know the artist behind the shop, the story behind the craft.

Tell Us More About You: What are three words those closest to you would use to describe you?
Colorful - Creative - Passionate

Tell Us More About Your Shop: What are three words you would use to describe your shop?
Totes - Bags - Purses
The Fyber Stud specializes in fashionable and trendy bags, totes, and purses for men, women, and kids! We design and manufacture every bag, start to finish, in our Raleigh studio. We are the mindful labor behind every bag and are firm believers in concise, durable, well crafted, colorful designs.

Tell Us More About What Inspires You

Color is my biggest decided. I usually choose colors for the next season(s) a few months in advance. Like right now I am choosing colors for this fall and winter!

Tell Us More About Your Favorite Item

Currently my favorite creation is the Trapper Creek Tote. A large and in charge tote bag named after Trapper Creek, Alaska! It is linen and magenta in color with a bright red 100% organic and biodegradable burlap lining. I probably love the lime colored handles and the metal grommets! Such a gorgeous bag!

Tell Us More About Your Interests: Other than creating and crafting, what are your other interests, hobbies, or passions?

Other than crafting my interests include photography and Alaska. I love to travel and am going on an Alaskan cruise and Trek through the mountains next July! I am passionate about my dog Chase and my family. Although my job leaves little time to do anything but design and crochet, I still try to make time to relax and watch and episode or two of Ice Road Truckers!

Learn more about Rohn and Fyber Stud Designs at...

And Rohn is generously offering Babee Crafts readers a 15% off discount code good on anything in his Etsy shop. Simply enter "FRIENDS" in the coupon code box during your checkout for 15% off! Happy shopping!

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