Friday, June 17, 2011

Fabulous Finds Friday: Home Decor Ideas

My dining room has blue painting tape decorating half the trim. I've been meaning to repaint and redecorate my dining room for months now. Inspired, I taped it off to repaint but stopped when I ran out of tape. That was in April. I need some inspiration to get going again. So this week I've been bookmarking ideas and tutorials for home decorating. I just wanted to share some of my favorites.

  • I'm new to Mod Podge. I only recently discovered how much fun it is to decoupage every surface in my home. You giggle. But seriously, my family can attest to how many bottles of the stuff I was going through when I first figured out I could glue and seal just about any medium to any surface. This week, Katy over at KD Buggy Boutique has a cute tutorial for creating a family name display. This would not only make a great addition to the living room mantle, but it would also make a great gift - perfect for a housewarming or wedding gift.

  • My dining room is a cave. I love the mocha colored walls and teal accents I originally decorated the room with a few years ago, but unfortunately, the room does not get enough light throughout the day to make the dark walls work. It feels like you are walking into a cave. So I love this week's Etsy Storque edition of Get the Look Decor. Inspired by Alex Wijnen's costal home in Portland, Oregon, the post focuses on light and airy design. I love it! This is what I want to incorporate in my dining room redecorating - light, clean, simple. Now the only problem is painting over my cave walls!

  • I'm a fan of Tiffany over at Making the World Cuter. She has some great weekly linkys. So, I'm surprised I missed this post in late May about her dining room table makeover. Her tutorial was featured over at DIY Club. And since I have a dining room table in great need of a makeover, I know I'll be coming back to this tutorial again for some inspiration!

  • And here's another post I'll be returning to - Clover Lane's tutorial for repainting furniture. Wonderfully detailed, this tutorial might help me refinish the china cabinet that looms large, dusty, and dark in the corner of our living room.
Who knows, perhaps this week I'll be inspired to post my own before and after pics of my dining room. But I need your help! Link your favorite room decor makeover ideas and tutorials. Trust me - I need all the help I can get!

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