Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not So Wordless Wednesday

A fellow friend and blogger, Andria of Drawing Near, has inspired me today. Each Wednesday she posts a pic of her work space for a weekly series called WOYWW: What's on Your Work Desk Wednesdays. And let's face it, as a high school English teacher, I'm just way to verbose for Wordless Wednesdays!

But I don't really have a desk where I craft and create. Instead, I spread everything out on my dining room table. Consequently, I'm not sure who is harder on our table - me or the kids! This afternoon is case in point. Paint was everywhere!

I've had a stack of canvases begging to be painted, collecting dust in a drawer. This afternoon, windows open to the wonderful early summer breeze, I slapped down the backgrounds for a couple of mixed media projects I've been wanting to do.

I am not a painter. But you can see, I've got quite a collection of colors in my little art bin (and you'll also notice that my glue gun and coffee cup are always within reach). I enjoy painting but do so without a plan in mind. Any time that I've attempted to intentionally paint something, it turns out horribly unrecognizable. So this afternoon, I just started mixing and layering on the colors. And I like how the backgrounds turned out - muted. Which is perfect since I plan on layering on some brightly printed craft paper as soon as the paint dries!

So now I'm waiting for paint to dry.

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  1. I hope that your projects bring you tons of joy! Happy Wednesday!

  2. Love that thick fabulous paint! And I can't wait to see the finished product on those mixed media projects...exciting! If you want to "officially" join in on WOYWW, make sure to go to Julia's site at on Wednesdays and add your name to the list!

  3. Hi, love that gorgeous raspberry colour - your canvases look terrific. I look forward to seeing the completed projects. Have a great weekend. Elizabeth x #79

  4. Good luck with the canvas painting! I love the color there! Hope to see a finished project next week. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #46

  5. Wow! What a yummy color! Reminds me of ice cream! Show us what you do with it! Patsy from


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