Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Clover Market - Perfectly Lovely

Facebook fans know that I made an odd gift request for my birthday last week. While many women ask their husbands for perfume or jewelry or a day at the spa, I asked mine to build me a "bakery" display shelf for my booth at this past Sunday's Clover Market. I figured since so many of my baby gift items were food-inspired, I should have a bakery display to showcase my cupcake and sundae sets, the new "bun in the oven" gift sets, and coffee-inspired sets.

And not long ago I stumbled upon Shauna and Stephen's design for a similar bakery case over on their blog Something's Hiding in There. And so an idea was born - the Babee Crafts' Bakery Booth, complete with bunting and vintage table cloths and a retro apron (thanks Creative Chics). It's still evolving. I have plenty of new ideas for my next fair, which will hopefully be a return to Clover Market in mid-September.

I had a grand time scoping all the other vendors at Clover Market. I was fortunate enough to have some great "neighbors" on Sunday who volunteered to watch my booth so I could grab a quick peak and some of the other displays (thanks Sally and Anna!). Besides wanting to spend every penny I made while I was there, I also got to finally meet some of the people that I've been following on Etsy and Twitter - like John Sturgis, Christina of Momo Trees, and Jan of Janzibar. And like the marvelous Jen McCleary, whose blog I stalk. And just like her work, her booth was gorgeous. It sucked you in!

A newcomer at this month's market was Rebecca of Chirp and Bloom. I must confess that I scoped her booth quite a bit. It was just too adorable. And okay, I may have snapped a few pics of her booth and tagged them with "ideas for my booth". Her simple touches, curtains on the side of her booth, a rug, all made her display feel welcoming and uncluttered, and perfectly lovely.

Just like Clover Market in general - welcoming and perfectly lovely (and a little clutter isn't such a bad thing, especially if it's vintage!)

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  1. Hi! Nice meeting you at Clover! Now we're stalking each other's blogs. :)

  2. Hi - so great to meet you also. Hope to see you in September.

  3. Hi Jen. It was so nice meeting you this past Sunday. Thanks for the shout out btw!


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