Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Warm Weather Watercolors

My refrigerator has become a gallery. For the last few days, my toddler has done nothing but paint. He wakes in the morning - "Mommy, can we paint?" After breakfast - "Painting time?" Following nap time, he bounds from his bed - "Paint time!" But rather than grabbing for his finger paints, he runs to the freezer when he wants to paint.

Using inexpensive popsicle molds I found at Ikea, my son and I had fun filling the molds with water and squeezing different colored drops of food coloring into each. After a quick stir to mix the color into the water, we let the paint-pops freeze for a few hours. Cheaper than store bought finger paints, our paint-pops were so much fun on a hot day!

My son used the paint-pops to swirl and mix colors, and then used a wet paint brush to mix the colors. Such a fun and creative way to spend a hot afternoon.

A word of warning, remind your child that these paint-pops are not to eat. Unfortunately, my son loved our very dark blue paint-pop and before I knew it, it was at his lips. He looked like he had spent some time kissing a smurf. And since we used food coloring, it took a bit longer to wash off than your standard washable watercolor paints.

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  1. Sweet photos! I didn't realize food coloring would make such great colors on paper. Super idea! Bayla would have that ice pop in her mouth so fast, she would make my head spin. But I will definitely tuck the idea away for the future!


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