Friday, June 24, 2011

Fabulous Finds Friday: Upcycling Ideas

I know I posted not long ago on upcycling my baby food jars. But I only need so many spice jars! So this week, I went looking for more ideas and tutorials for the growing collection of baby food jars cluttering up my garage. But I'm also interested in finding creative ideas for repurposing all sorts of household items - jars, materials, and fabric scraps.

I'll be sharing my finds from this week in a bit of a different form. I created my first Pinterest this week. Whew! It is addictive! It takes the idea of social bookmarking and makes it visual. Suddenly your bookmarks are a work of art! So enjoy!

Click on the image above to go directly to my annotated list of links on Pinterest. And make sure that you check out my favorite ideas - In addition to sharing my finds, I want to encourage readers to share their finds, posts, and tutorials. Use the comments section below to share blog posts on our weekly theme.

And if I've featured you in a Fabulous Finds Friday, please grab the button below for your website or blog.

Babee Crafts

So what were your fab finds this week?

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  1. Everyone says Pinterest is addictive...right now I'm keeping my distance. I don't need another reason to glue myself to the computer! :-) Who knew people were doing such great things with baby food jars?! I saved a bunch for a while in the basement, and then ended up pitching them (in the recycling bin, of course!), but now I see I should have held on to them!


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