Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tell Me More Tuesday: Hana Sakura Designs

I'm not sure if she knows this, but Shelly Williams of Hana Sakura Designs and I have something in common. Not only are we both passionate about sharing our creations through our Etsy shops, but we also both hail from Grand Rapids, Michigan. And something else we share is just how much place - landscape, setting, culture - can impact the creative process. For Shelly, Hawaii is a place of special significance.

Learn more about Shelly's creative process in today's weekly series - Tell Me More Tuesdays - in which I introduce readers to some of my favorite Etsy artists and crafters. Those of you new to Etsy (and even those who have racked up days surfing through handcrafted goodies and vintage finds) can find the site overwhelming. With so many wonderful shops and unique, handcrafted goods, it is easy to lose track of time clicking away. So Tell Me More Tuesday is a way to get to know the artist behind the shop, the story behind the craft.

And Shelly's story is too sweet to miss. Inspired by the beauty of the islands where she was married, Hana Sakura Designs is Shelly's way of sharing the unique and vibrant culture of Hawaii. In fact, many of her jewelry pieces are named after places on the islands. "My jewelry is all one-of-a-Kind and unique to that one piece. I want each piece of my jewelry to speak for itself. Each piece is as unique and individual as each woman who wears them."

Tell Us More About You: What are three words those closest to you would use to describe you?
Creative - Happy - Passionate
I am very artsy, and I love using my hands to create beautiful things. I'm always trying new things to challenge myself. And I just enjoy life and the wonderful things that it offers. And I love to make people laugh. And I'm passionate. I'm passionate about everything that I do.

Tell Us More About Your Shop: What are three words you would use to describe your shop?
Colorful - Fun - Unique
I love to combine and try new colors. Sometimes I try colors together that I wouldn't think of putting together. I'm always surprised at what the results are! And jewelry needs to be fun! If it's not fun to look at or to wear, what's the point! My jewelry is meant to make the woman who wears it, feel special. Everyone is special and unique and their jewelry should be, too!

Tell Us More About What Inspires You

Anything I see in our every day life inspires me. There will be a beautiful bluebird out on our fence in the backyard. Maybe a butterfly flying in the breeze. I see colors in nature everyday and try to incorporate that into my designs. Ideas just seem to "pop" into my creative mind, even when I'm not even thinking about it. When I go to the flower greenhouse down the road to buy my Spring flowers, I'll be inspired by the beauty of the flowers.

Tell Us More About Your Favorite Item

Currently, this Iris pendant is my favorite. Irises are my absolute favorite flower! They are unique and colorful and always make me smile. I thought creating one in dichroic glass would make it very special. And it is!
Tell Us More About Your Interests: Other than creating and crafting, what are your other interests, hobbies, or passions?

Well, my biggest passion is my jewelry. I'm always creating. But when I have free time, I really enjoy gardening in my rose garden and my various flower gardens around my yard. It's very relaxing and soothing after a stressful day.

I also love spending time with my hubby and we love taking a drive out in the country on a sunny afternoon. Sometimes we will stop for an ice cream cone. It's moments like that, that I treasure the most. Little sweet moments in time.

Learn more about Shelly and Hana Sakura Designs at...

And Shelly is generously offering Babee Crafts readers a 15% off discount code good on anything in her Etsy shop. Simply enter "FACEBOOKFAN" in the coupon code box during your checkout for 15% off! Happy shopping!

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