Saturday, March 19, 2011

In Bloom

It might just be because it is that time of year - the time of year when the crocuses start peaking out from the earth and you once again wake to the sound of chirping, birds having returned from their winter homes. But with spring popping up all over, I'm inspired to buy everything cherry blossom related from Etsy sellers. Because in addition to having an Etsy shop, I am an Etsy buyer. In fact, I joke that I opened my shop just so that I could support my Etsy purchases!

I grew up in northern Michigan, surrounded by family and lakes and cherry trees. My extended family has orchards, cherry and apple trees as far as the eye can see. And my sister and cousins and I ran the orchards at six, seven, eight years old. We'd play hide and seek among the drooping branches, heavy with fruit, hold pit spitting contests until we felt sick to our stomachs from eating too many Bings. But my favorite time of year was spring, when a gust of wind would loosen the snow white petals from their branches and you could walk through the most fragrant snowfall of blooms. Cherry blossoms remind me of this time, remind me of the importance of family. So because I'm not able to make a trip back to visit with my family this spring, I'm buying up all Etsy has to offer on this theme as my tangible reminder of my family.

Cherry Orchard

Tailgating to get to its heart,
dangling from the gate of the pick-up,
bounding over irrigation hoses
to find the sweetness at the center
of the orchard.

We cram our cheeks full,
spitting pits with force.
A contest of cousins,
juices dribbling
onto hand-me-down t-shirts.

Skinned knees and shabby shoes,
we are content,
surrounded by the branches
of family
rooted deep in this orchard.

And if you want to know more about my two recent purchases, check out Joy Kolitsky's art at Sugar Beet Press and the work of Michigan photographer Kimberly Blok.

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