Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Join Me!

So if you've been following my blog, you know that last month I participated in Willette Design's online photography series called the Joy of Love, a free course with instructions and inspiration through a daily email. Each day we learned a new photography skill and used it to capture a photo of our daily theme.

Well, now Willette Designs is offering a free Joy of Luck series. Here's how she describes the series,
"This is a FREE one week online photo inspiration class where i email you a daily prompt to help you explore and document in photos all that you are lucky for in your life – we will explore the blessings that life has brought to us."
You choose the extent you want to participate, and Willette Designs has put together a number of helpful tutorials, tips, and venues for sharing your work. Here's what the series consists of:
  • a daily email photo prompt
  • a flickr group to share the photos
  • photo tutorials/how-tos
  • daily shot lists that correlate to the day’s topic/lesson
And all you need to participate is a camera, an email address, and a desire to document your luck and your life.

Join me! Sign up today because the class begins March 16. Sign up HERE!

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  1. Just stopped by to visit - you followed me on Twitter and I'm following back - now GDC follower on Babeecrafts - I'm a bit behind on my follows so in case you haven't had the chance I hope you stop by WynnieBee and say hello : D Happy blogging !


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