Monday, March 21, 2011

Joy of Luck: Day 2 - Going Green

I love having these daily photography prompts. It is a reminder to capture, snap up all the little and big things I have to be thankful for, to capture for a future me the life I am so thankful for today.

And since March is a celebration of all things green - St. Patrick's Day, clovers, and first blooms - today's prompt from Willette Designs has me snapping pictures of everything from limes to lawn.

"Green is also symbolically the color for newness, new beginnings, spring and life. Today I want you to find the green – this can be anything that is either the literal color green or something that brings newness, new beginnings, life, or hope to an otherwise dismal situation. Look at your day not as a series of hurdles/problems, but as a blessing! We are so lucky for all that we have. Capture this with your lens!"
And so I click away - pictures of the newly emerged crocus, of new craft projects, and new adventures in potty training.

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  1. I love Harry's face in the potty picture.

  2. I know! That's a keeper for when he's older!


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