Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Items for Second Saturday Event

April is right around the corner, and I've been busy preparing, gathering my beading supplies, sewing notations, and warming up the glue gun in anticipation of spring. I have a number of new items ready for Media's next Second Saturday event, happening April 9th. I'll be in store at Local Home + Gifts right on State Street between 6:00 - 9:00 pm.

Second Saturday is a great time to get out and see Media. On the second Saturday of every month, most of Media's businesses stay open late and host local musicians, crafters, and artists. It's a wonderful opportunity to meet the many talented residents of our wonderful town.

And, to meet me! I'll be hanging out at Local along with all sorts of baby goodies (including some free giveaways!) between 6:00 - 9:00 pm. Please stop in! I'll have all sorts of new things with me, made just for this event, including an organic diaper wreath, nursing bracelets, and my new favorite creation - organic knit teething bibs with an all natural wooden teething ring attached!

Take a peak! Here's the new organic diaper wreath I've created. Made of 12 organic diapers (which make wonderful burp cloths as well), this wreath also features two "flowers" created of two organic burp cloths and is fastened together using 12 diaper pins. The main giraffe decoration is an adorable and soft baby rattle. The whole wreath is useable! This wreath also comes with 20 wish tags. On one side is a place for baby shower guests to write their wishes for the new baby, and on the other side, a place to write their wishes for the new mom. The tags can be tied to the pins on the diaper wreath making it a practical, eco-friendly, and beautiful keepsake for any new mom.

I've also put together a number of new nursing bracelets. My nursing bracelets are just a little different from others you may have seen. They were created out of necessity. Many of the nursing/feeding reminder bracelets that you find are created out of wire that wraps around your wrist multiple times. Unfortunately, my two-year-old liked to uncoil my original bracelet, making a "snake" out of the bracelet. It ended up too loose, with the wire ends catching on my newborn's clothing. So, I created nursing/feeding reminder bracelets using durable stretch cording; no wires to catch or snag. And, I've started to making a number of my new bracelets using semi-precious stones and gemstones. I'll have new bracelets for Second Saturday which feature amethysts (February's birthstone), peridots (August's birthstone), jade, and agates.

I'll also have a number of new sweet confections with me, including some creative "bun in the oven" gifts, and my new favorite, a teething bib made of organic knit featuring a handmade wooden teething ring attached. I'll be sharing a bit more about this creation and my collaboration with another fellow Etsy artist in a future post soon.

Please stop in and say "hi" on April 9th. And, if you tell me you that you follow me on this blog, my Twitter account, or the Babee Crafts' Facebook page, I'll give you 10% off your purchase!

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