Saturday, February 26, 2011

Upcycling Baby Food Jars

A few weeks ago I posted that I was looking for ideas for all the glass baby food jars that are piling up on my kitchen counter. Some are being reused to keep the baby food that I'm making, but I seem to have more than anyone needs. And I hate to simply throw them in the recycle bin. They are such a perfect little size. Cute as they are, I really don't need 20 pin cushions or even more votive candle holders.

So when I was fumbling through my spice rack the other morning, I hit upon an idea. My spice rack is a mismatch of jars and bags. We buy our spices two ways - either in bulk or on the fly. This leaves big bags and little plastic spice containers cluttering our spice rack. Why not reuse those baby food jars as spice jars? Their uniform size would make finding our spices easier and de-clutter our kitchen.

By painting the lids of the baby food jars with chalkboard paint, I can easily label what is in each container and later reuse the container for other spices without having to scrape off a label first.

And the jars are perfect for my crafts, too. I can use chalk to label my crafting supplies and then wipe away the label when I need to use the jar for something else.

I'm loving this chalkboard paint! I see many more chalk-inspired upcycled projects in my future!


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