Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Clover Market - Thanks For All Your Support!

What a weekend! On Sunday I did my very first craft fair. But to group Clover Market in with other craft fairs would be underselling it terribly. This was not your run of the mill, crocheted toilet paper cover craft fair. Clover Market is an ecclectic collection of fine artists, vintage shops, handmade crafts, and refinished finds. And what a spectacular collection it was! It was very difficult for me not to go shopping at the market following a sale in my own shop!

I had the pleasure of being between a wonderful collection of vintage items showcased in Nanny Goat Antique's booth and some truly beautiful artwork created by Deena Ball. I must confess, being between these two booths in particular was a bit overwhelming. Nanny Goat's booth was awe-inspiring. The items and the layout were beautiful. Throughout the day, Deena and I would marvel at the number of passersby who were just drawn into Nanny Goat's booth. You couldn't just simply walk by their tent. You had to stop. And Deena's booth was filled floor to tent-top with beautiful watercolors. Her attention to detail so perfectly captured in each frame.

So needless to say, I was a bit worried about how my little Babee Crafts booth would do. Turns out, I didn't need to worry! Many of the sellers there with me were fellow Etsy shop owners, and many of them stopped by to connect in person. It was wonderful to be able to meet so many of the faces that I had only seen online. I also met a number of local PSMM bloggers and twitter followers. Anyone who thinks social media is simply a fad, should have stopped by my booth on Sunday. I met a number of people who stopped by to say they followed me in one place or another online. How cool to meet so many in person!

And here's what I've learned - I didn't have enough nursing necklaces. For some reason, they were a big seller. As were my bun in the oven sets. But my biggest lesson - don't go overboard on pink. My pink cupcake sets, sundae sets, and bun in the oven sets did not go as quickly as I expected. Instead, I sold out of all my gender-neutral and boy cupcake sets before noon! So less pink, more yellow for June's showing at Clover Market. I also had a great deal of interest in my diaper wreaths and nursing bracelets, though not too many sales of these items. I had lots of promises to contact me via email and my Etsy shop for these items, so I'll have to wait and see how these items do.

So now I have plans to kick it up a notch for June's Clover Market. My husband is helping me build a bakery case to display all my "baked goods", and I just got in touch with i play organic babywear about their organic layette and bath items. It looks like my sushi sets will be going organic for June's market! I also recently made a great connection with Mary Tsolak, president of HavluTowel (how cool to hear directly from the company's president!), who helped me order organic cotton red socks for my cupcake and sundae sets. And of course, just like this past weekend, I'll have many organic items made using Hudson Baby's organic cotton layette items. Babee Crafts is going organic!

I'm looking forward to seeing more of you at June's market on Sunday, June 5th. So if you're local, please stop by and say "hi!"

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