Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Get to Know: Peter's Place

My grandfather had a woodshop out behind his garage. I remember as a girl, my sister and cousins and I would spend hours rifling through the left-over wood, picking out the perfect piece to cut into a duck or use as a boat paddle. My grandfather taught me how to use a jig saw, how to hold a belt sander, how to respect the grain of wood and not force an angle on the jig saw (many a blade broke as it took me some time to learn this lesson). I think that is what drew me to Peter's Place on Etsy. His work shows the same care, same attention to detail, that I remember my grandpa giving each project he under took.

"I have been woodworking for many years and it is my passion. Hours pass without notice when I am in my workshop," says Peter Cucchiara, owner of Peter's Place. Using a laser engraver, he is able to add delicate details to his woodworking creations. "I also use a lot of different media with the laser including metal, glass, plastic and paper products along with marble and wood."

And, one of his creations in particular, his Awesome (really, it is awesome) Sea Turtle Night Light, is doing a lot of good. "We are committed to support the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida. Fifty percent of the purchase cost of Sea Turtle nightlights will go directly to the Turtle Hospital. They are beautiful, majestic creatures that have encountered many tragedies in the last few years do to man's reckless behavior. If we are hurting them, we are truly hurting ourselves and our children. Imagine if your child could never see one because they no longer exist." So you can see just how important this little light is!

You can get to know Peter's Place a bit more, too. Find him on...

You can win his Awesome Sea Turtle Night Light by entering the Great Gift, Good Cause Giveaway!

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