Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Get To Know: Happy Tree Press

Susan at Happy Tree Press is busy - an Etsy shop, two blogs, a family. But she's not too busy to forget what is truly important. She takes the time to engage, to reflect, and to create.

In a recent post, Susan gives a minute by minute account of attempting to set up an outdoor photo shoot, only to be interrupted by little hands and little wings. When a bug lands on her set up, she doesn't dismiss it or swat it away. Instead, she shows it to her daughter, and together they find it a home. It is in taking time away from what she planned to do that Susan is reminded to "play like a child when creating." She gets her shot, a beautiful exploration of color, because she hasn't forced it.

And it's what I love about her work - it isn't forced. Take a look for yourself at the pieces in her Etsy shop. It is bright, whimsical, just want you want to have near you for inspiration. I especially love the piece that she has donated to Babee Crafts' upcoming Great Gift, Good Cause Giveaway. Bright, cheerful, warm - just like the autumn sun it's named after.

It is easy to see, with a name like Happy Tree Press and through her artistic focus on natural elements, that Susan has great respect for nature. "I'm always trying to green my shop and save trees and resources. My prints are on archival 100% cotton paper. I only print when someone purchases one, so I don't waste materials. I ship the prints in 100% sturdy cardboard envelopes. And I walk to the post office sometimes. :)"

You can get to know Susan a bit more, too. Find her on...

You can win her Autumn Sun print starting Monday, May 23rd by entering the Great Gift, Good Cause Giveaway!

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