Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Freebie for Fans!

Not long ago I offered up a free download to my Facebook fans, and following my recent giveaway, I'd love to offer it up again to all my fans, new and old.

I have not one, but two cool subway art printables just for you. Need a quick baby shower gift, card design, or baby shower decoration, please feel free to download the two files below to use for your personal use - Baby Girl Subway Art and Baby Boy Subway Art. These files will be available until June 6, 2011.

These files can easily be printed out on a home printer, or for a higher quality image, uploaded to a commercial printer (like Shutterfly or your local drug store's photo printer). Be sure to set your image size as 8 x 10.

This is free for your personal use. The images are copyrighted and cannot be sold without explicit permission from the me. Thanks to Cupcake Cutiees on MyGrafico for the animal images.


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  1. I love the baby subway art! I just found it, but you've already moved the file. I would LOVE to print one of these for my little sister who is expecting her first soon. Can you help me out?

  2. For a follower - sure! Here are the links - for a girl and for a boy.

  3. Thanks so much!! My sister was so excited to add this to her nursery. It's really cute framed!

  4. I love these! What an amazing job! Way to go! I know that this maybe asking a lot, but is there anyway that you could personalize a file and add a name? I need a girl one for a shower I am hosting this weekend with the name : Abigail Rose worked in. Any chance? diryan@gmail.com

    Bravo! What a blessing! :)

  5. Di,

    Let me pull up the original file and tinker with it a bit. I'll email you soon!


  6. Thank you Jen! The shower is tomorrow So I would need it some time today.

  7. whoops! I just found out that they are using an alternative spelling of her name: It is "ABBYGAIL"

  8. just curious if you can post the link for the girl one...i love it and would love to use it at a shower i am hosting..thx

  9. I love the print!!! It's too bad it isn't available to download anymore. Iam looking for pics for my sister-in-laws shower.

  10. Love them!! Is there anyway you could send me the boy one. I'm making my own Baby Shower and have been looking for Baby Shower art.
    My email is marsbar17@hotmail.com

    Thank you for all your help!


  11. Thanks so much for all the recent inquiries. Unfortunately, I no longer offer this as a free download as I now have it for sale as a fabric design in my Spoonflower shop ( http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/babeecrafts ) and as a personalized baby blanket in my Etsy shop (http://www.etsy.com/shop/babeecrafts )

  12. Any chance of offering this again as a printable? Not seeing it in your Etsy shop, but am not looking for a blanket or fabric anyway. Love your color combos and images- one of the nicest one's I've found!


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