Friday, May 20, 2011

Fabulous Finds Friday: Upcycling Crafts

So a post over at Craftaholics Anonymous was the inspiration for this week's focus on upcycled crafts. Not long ago, Linda asked her readers to finish this sentence - "You know you're a craftaholic when..." The responses had me nodding along with tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks. And, so many of the responses had to do with being creative, being inventive, and recycling your materials. So I hope Linda doesn't mind if share some of my favorites here before sharing some fabulous upcycled craft ideas.
  • Mod Podge is your way to exfoliate.
  • You consider your hot glue gun blisters badges of honor.
  • You regret getting rid of previous supplies, even if it was years ago.
  • You stand by the bin at parties and make sure no one throws out any bottle caps or interesting looking beer bottles because you can definitely make something from it all.
  • Your friends start questioning their own rubbish bins and wait for you to come round so you can tell them what they’re allowed to throw out and what must be saved for crafts!
  • You have to move crafty supplies to the side to make room for your kids to eat at the table.
  • You use the scraps of your scraps.
  • (and one from me) Your two year old asks to go to the "mommy store" because he knows Mommy will end up in the felt, pipe cleaner, and googly-eye aisle.
And now have fun checking out these potential projects for your recycled finds!

  • I just stumbled upon Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! (what a fabulous name for a blog!) this past week. And you have to check out her site, especially her series of tutorials (and Flickr group) for the Summer of No Pants, a series of tutorials and patterns for skirts and dresses. Which, is how I found Marissa's upcycled dress tutorial. Turn that old tee into a fabulous dress!

  • How Joyful has a very, very cute tutorial for turning a men's shirt into a dress, which very well may have me scouring thrift stores for a men's 6x button down shirt!

  • The Quick Unpick is filled with great tutorials for turning thrift store finds and old dresses into adorable children's outfits. And I know there are a lot of tutorials out there for simple pillow case dresses (check out craftevolution), but this one is just too cute to miss. And be sure to surf around her site for more great upcycled tutorials!

  • And have you seen t-shirt necklaces? I've seen them all over, but this tutorial for creating a necklace from old t-shirts on Whole Living is fabulous and even includes a video.

  • You'll find lots of tutorials for changing adult clothes into children's, but this is a cute twist on upcycling. Innocentia has a cute tutorial for turning a children's top into a bag. What a sweet way to carry a little one with you once she's outgrown a favorite outfit.
In addition to sharing my finds, I want to encourage readers to share their finds, posts, and tutorials. Use the Fabulous Finds Friday linky below to share blog posts on our weekly theme - UPCYCLED CRAFTS. You can share your own blog or a post from someone else's blog that fits our theme this week.

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