Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 11: Dreams

This photo assignment took some time. On Friday, our Joy of Love focus was on the dreams of a loved one - what is it that a loved one dreams of accomplishing or doing? My husband dreams of many things, most of which involve wished for time. Time to travel as a family, time to read the Saturday paper uninterrupted, time to run, time to cook. I struggled with how to capture just one of these dreams in an interesting way. In fact, I had to wait until Saturday for an opportunity to present itself.

Instead of eating with the kids, my husband fed the children first, so that we could spend some time savoring a quiet meal together. We both love to cook. Look forward to moments spent together talking and creating in the kitchen. And as a Valentine treat, my husband picked up the ingredients for my favorite meal - lamb chops in mint sauce. So with the kids in bed, we cracked a bottle of wine, and I looked over his shoulder as he worked his magic in the kitchen.

This was actually a much more difficult moment for me to capture on film than I anticipated. The smoke rising off the frying chops interfered with how my camera was reading the lighting and focus. It took a number of tries to get just one or two clear shots. Which is too bad, because this pic does not capture just how delicious this dream turned out.
Dreams Realized

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