Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 12: The Eyes Have It

Capturing a close up of a teething monster is no easy feat. My little one grabbed for my lens every chance he could. I've accidentally been able to capture some great shots of my five month old in the past, but today I had some difficulty. Mainly due to his increased mobility. In order to get a nice tight shot of his eyes with my little point and shoot camera, I had to get right in close. I imagine this to be a bit like what lion tamers feel - a little too close and my lens would have been one slobbery mess.

That said, I have noticed some difference with the photos that I've been taking since starting the Joy of Love series. Most importantly, I'm learning how to work a camera! Words like metering and cross lights, ISO and spot focus crowd my brain. Even though it still takes me some time to get a shot that I'm reasonably happy with, it is definitely taking a lot less time that before I started this project. So not only am I having fun photographing my loved ones, but I'm learning a lot as well!
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