Saturday, February 5, 2011

Joy of Hate...I mean Love: Day 5

What is it you love to hate? That's today's theme for our daily photo with Willette Designs' Joy of Love series. Capture that habit or trait of your loved one that drives you up a wall. Okay, so all I need to do is take a picture of the garage, tools strewn everywhere. Or maybe a photo of our linen closet, towels jammed in, clearly not folded. But what am I complaining about? I have a husband who can fix things and who attempts to put away the laundry. So I try to capture something that I do truly love about him but that is also so different from how I do things, something that drives me crazy really only because I don't understand it, even after knowing him for over two decades. And that's when I stumble upon it, literally. What drives me crazy is what can only be called his organized chaos.

He can have papers piled to the moon, but ask him for a specific bill that came in the mail three weeks ago, and he knows right where it is. I imagine it is how his brain works. It is a style of chaotic organization that I just don't understand. It is not labeled and filed. He has a felt sense of organization, meaning he just remembers where things are in his own special order. So unlike me, and I love (and hate sometimes) him for that.

As I think of ways to capture that love/hate relationship, I'm to keep in mind what I've learned about metering and selective focal points. Why? "Using the selective focal points is more accurate than focusing and recomposing because you are positioning the focal point OVER the exact spot you wish to focus on." As I learned today, spot metering is process of telling your camera what you want it to focus on and then gauging the metering or light/shadow reading based on that focal point.

So here's what became ironic for me in this assignment - I need to find my focus on my husband's inability to focus...okay, organize. My goal is to capture, clearly, what drives me nuts about my husband's unclear organization. So, here are some of my better shots.

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