Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 20: When He's Home

Sunday Afternoon Couch Naps

Our Joy of Love assignment for today is to frame a moment that captures what it means to have our loved one home. This picture is it for me. My husband quiets the chaos. He is the calm center of our home.

In a poetry class a few summers back, I tried to capture this same easy stillness that my husband brings into our home. Whereas I am the frantic organizer, a million projects going at once, my husband seems to be able to put all things into perspective, bringing peace and laughter to even my most overwhelmingly chaotic moments.


It’s the warmth of June forcing us into
lazy Saturday afternoon couch naps,
(we have an easy way in summer)
and your soapy hand, wet on my back
swirling me away from sudsy dishes
to the growl of Morphine’s baritone sax.
The way you slip from the sheets on Sunday
to flip pancakes barefoot in morning light.

Not the moments trapped in photo albums
of dresses, high heels, and formal hellos,
or the specific petty squabbles
over laundry left on the bathroom floor,

but in the ordinary comfort
of your softly sleeping sigh.

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