Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 14: Jewelry

My husband does not like to pose for pictures, so I had to be quick with the camera for today's Joy of Love assignment - capture our loved one's wedding band. Sitting on the couch, elbows on knees, hands clasped, my husband watched our eldest son spin circles around our living room shortly after my husband stepped through the door, home from work. My son was thrilled to see him. Daddy sat proudly watching his little boy.

This moment was fairly easy to capture. My husband's hands still for the moment. But this is rare. Tonight, camera in hand, I tried snapping picture after picture of my husband's hands as he wrestled with our son on the floor, as he put together dinner, as he cradled our littlest boy in his arms. I need a camera that can capture these moments clearly. My point and shoot is great in daylight, but I'm struggling to get clear shots of action taken indoors. But even though most of tonight's shots turned out blurred messes, I kept the pictures. The blurry photos of my husband rolling on the floor, laughing with his sons, are exactly the way I want to remember this Valentine's day. These blurred pictures are full of life, just like my husband.
Loving HandsConnected


  1. I love that his hands are so relaxed! He is happy to be home.

  2. Walking through the door each night, he's enveloped in a bear hug by our two year old. I think it is his favorite part of the day, and this pic was taken shortly after that moment.


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