Friday, February 4, 2011

Joy of Love: Day 4

Today's assignment: figure out metering. Having never taken a photography class, I had no idea what metering was. And after consulting my camera's manual, I knew how to change the meter, but I still had no idea what it really was. So after a quick consultation with the web, I learned that metering has to do with how your camera reads light and shadows. Changing your metering, changes the brightness and contrast levels in your photography.

Having played around a bit with my camera's three metering options, I was ready to tackle today's picture: use what you've learned about metering to take a pic of what a loved one wears. Or in this case doesn't. Our entire family is not good with socks and shoes. We laugh at the idea of slippers. We are a barefoot family, and we start 'em early.

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