Monday, February 7, 2011

Joy of Love: Day 7

Thankfully, today's photo came easily, especially after yesterday's picture-taking extravaganza. Today's Joy of Love assignment is to capture generations of love. And even though we live no where close to any family members, the closest being about 700 miles away, I knew exactly how to capture this picture.

My two year old is always trying to touch the family photos that hang in our stairwell. Carrying him up the stairs can be quite a challenge as he'll occasionally attempt to launch himself from my arms in hopes of grabbing one of the black and white treasures. So this morning, when I lifted the World War II Navy photo of his great grandpa from the wall, I knew my son would enjoy "interacting" with his namesake. And luckily, he carried the photo over to the front door to sit framed by the morning light.

Unlike yesterday, I did not have to contend with how to light today's photo. Nature did that for me. Ideally, I would have loved to get in front of the light, as part of my son's face is overcast since I was shooting him 90 degrees from the light, but my son wanted to sit right in the door frame. And watching him point and touch the picture of my grandfather, who we lost just last year, was too precious to even think to try and stage.
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