Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Joy of Love: Day 2

I have spent much of this afternoon on the floor. My assignment for Day 2 of Willette Design's Joy of Love online photography class has me thinking about my position as the photographer in relation to my subject: "Have your camera on the same plane as they are." And since my subject is just under three feet tall, I've spent much of my afternoon on all fours.

Our goal today was to keep this in mind as we attempted to capture our loved one's true essence, a picture that captures who they are at their core. This was not an easy assignment for me as it is hard to "capture" my two year old. He is always on the move. And after a morning trip to Target which resulted in the purchase of Superman pajamas that my little man just had to put on the second we got home, it was particularly difficult to capture a non-blurry shot of him "flying" through the living room.

But I did manage to get a couple of photos by positioning myself near the front door with the afternoon's overcast light streaming in behind me and clicking each time he got close. Instead of chasing him for a picture or hovering over him, I sat on his level, letting him fly to me. And eventually, my Superman brought me flowers.

Check out the pics from other participants HERE.

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